Our History

Since 1910, our Company has managed to contribute greatly in the development of the furniture industry with its high standard products along with elegance, style,innovation and quality.

Over the many years of operation, we’ve sought to present integrity in our relationships with employees, customers, suppliers, the community among which we live and work and above all integrity in our products. As a result TAGOURY’S HOUSE experienced quick growth.

Since then we strived to exceed our customers’ expectations and provide them with exceptional furniture with impeccable design and quality, reflecting hospitality, elegance, value, and comfort.

With the support of our customers and ongoing efforts we were able to experience some of the most outstanding architectural projects in our region. Tagoury’s House takes pride in being a major contributor to the renovation of one of Egypt’s greatest historical project Alexandria Library. “We are very proud to be part of this amazing architecture project. The new library of Alexandria is, for us, the project of the Century. Thousands of people from all around the world come to witness the great accomplishments of the Ancient Alexandria Library. It is much more than a library; it’s Egypt’s culture for humanity all over the world”.

Mohamed ElTagoury

Current Situations

Elegance. Quality. Style. are just simple words that describe TAGOURY’S HOUSE today.

We are proud to take the lead in introducing the new Vintage line in the Egyptian market. The new line has been highly admired by all our esteemed customers because of its simplicity, maturity, warmth, high quality, and attention to detail.

Future Plans

At Tagoury’s House we are constantly aiming to maintain and provide the latest furniture styles to suit our wide range of customers. With your support we are currently working on opening a new showroom in New Cairo. The next move will be introducing Tagoury’s House products to potential international markets.

To provide a complete service to our customers we look ahead to opening our Interior design section and contracting services.

Customer Says

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