Copper trunk


a storage miracle inspired by overseas chests or cabinets used over 100 years ago. Thanks to the extremely hard and scratch-resistant gold anodized layer, this furniture is very easy to care and convinces in any room of the house. handmade from noble raw materials. The handles and corner fittings are made of Brazilian cowhide leather, the interior is lined with sturdy linen fabric in a light and discreet olive hue. The burnished stainless steel clasp surprises with its ingenious yet simple mechanism: the boot lid opens by pulling the key hole. A chest with an elegant and sober design, made according to the old model, which is even lockable. Wood remains the most popular and common material in the manufacture of furniture. It is characterized by a long service life and is very stable. Our manufacturer uses exclusively hardwood, not compressed wood or softwood. Bonded and screwed, these structures provide the optimal base, a stable frame for our furniture. Another advantage of hard solid wood is that it does not become less aging. Structures made of metal or compressed wood begin to become uncomfortable or porous and brittle, while hardwood always remains true to its stability. We reinvented the old classics: the modern elements are mixed with a classic design – Leather combined with chrome or fur, curved shapes contrasting with clean lines – A game between old and new. The vintage construction-oriented look with the charm of the old industrialist is currently very trendy

60*44*121 CM


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